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    Any old timers still around?

    Still DDing mine, only major issues have been being bitten by the radiator/transmission failure AFTER the extended warranty expired, driver side window motor dying and a coilpack dying twice.  12 years on and it still drives great and tows all that I currently throw at it without issue.
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    Trip to Colorado (Pic heavy)

    Beautiful scenery, but ain't no way you'd get me out there!
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    Hello from the KC area

    I'm down south in NW Arkansas in that bit of country that gets tossed between mid-west and south-central. Was up that way last spring for the Amelia Earhart festival.
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    Next Gen Titan

    Just got accepted to a masters program so it'll be a couple years minimum since I didn't win the Powerball!
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    Next Gen Titan

    Interested to hear your impressions after a few days of driving it; must say I'm tempted by it.
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    how often do you c hange your oil?

    Every 6K approximately, mostly stop & go with essentially no towing. Nearly 79K miles on my '07 and no problems.
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    Random Pics II

    Thanks. If you're serious about picking up a new camera Sony's A7 series is worth a serious look. The available native mount lenses isn't real great, but most any lens can be used with adapters (I have ones for Canon, Mamiya and Pentax) which lets you pick and choose among the best...
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    Random Pics II

    Went to a photo conference in Little Rock a few weeks back and took advantage of the 110F+ temps on my way back and visited Petit Jean state park. Don't know why but the crowds were nearly non-existent! ;) Forget which overlook this was, but Mt. Magazine can be seen in the distance...
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    Southwest CO

    Nice scenery, but those 'roads' no thanks. Just seeing the photos is making my acrophobia start to kick in.
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    Random Pics II

    I never get tired of fireworks... This weekend the NWA Naturals are having what they call The Great American Blast, a.k.a. fireworks after each game this weekend (well, we'll see if the rain stops long enough for tonight). Night one (
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    Mid-America Photography Symposium 2015

    It's definitely a beautiful location, many vendors have said in the past that its one of their favorites due to the location.
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    Mid-America Photography Symposium 2015

    The more the merrier, in the past we've had attendees from as far away as Alaska.
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    Mid-America Photography Symposium 2015

    Registration for the Mid-America Photography Symposium is now open for May 16th and 17th 2015 in Eureka Springs, AR.  This is the premier photography education opportunity in the Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri area with representatives from Canon, Tamron, Westcott, TetherTools and...
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    Has anyone ever tried something like this?

    I'd love to get 15MPG, currently averaging about 12-13 in city. Pretty sure the combination of hills around here and my lead foot are the biggest culprits, but I did see a drop when I switched to the Goodyear AT w/Kevlar in LT trim.
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    Random Pics II

    It'd be trivial to do (with any of the half dozen methods I can quickly think of), but I just abhor selective color photos; rarely do they (IMO) end up looking good. May go back and give it some work to look like an old an faded photo, but after a couple hours of removing the parking spot...