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    L.E.D. Tail light Bulbs

    I just want to know if anyone knows where can I find those L.E.D bulbs for 1st gen frontier? I was thinking of putting those altezza taillights on my truck but until I was watching some how to do videos on youtube until I saw one when this dude swap his regular bulbs to LED bulbs.
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    Tailgate replacement

    To all the 1st generation frontier owners out there. I just want to know if you ever replace your tailgate with an original one. I had a big dent on mine and i was thinking of getting it fixed and I know that will cost a lot of $$$ to get it fixed. I had another solution. I was thinking of...
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    Tow hook/Tow straps

    I don't have a receiver hitch. I was trying to purchase a shackle but I can't find it. I was thinking of purchasing a tow hook to be place on the front of my fronty but I have no luck there either cause I realized that there is a tow contact underneath the front bumper.
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    Tow hook/Tow straps

    Damn, I got the one with the hook at the end. I bought that because most cars has a tow hook at the back and I decided to get that one. I was supposed to get the one that you posted but I wasn't sure if it was the right one. I guess i have to return the one that i bought and get the one from...
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    Tow hook/Tow straps

    To fellow 1st generation frontier owners, I just want to know if you know the location to put the tow hook/ tow straps? Do you know if they make tow hooks for 1st generation frontys? Can you recommend me the best brand of two straps that I could buy at a local auto parts store? Thank you.
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    windshield sun strip tint

    Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of getting those precut ones that I saw on ebay. I was thinking of getting a 20% tint to match the factory tint on the back.
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    windshield sun strip tint

    I just want to know first if installing a windshield sun strip tint in your fronty is illegal in all 50 states? and if I will be penalized when i go for my yearly car inspection?
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    Catalytic converter heat shield noise

    That, I'm not sure of. I have to see it on Monday when I come over my dad's friends shop. But my friend who is a mechanic said that the heat shield of the catalytic converter is that one that causing the noise.
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    Catalytic converter heat shield noise

    To my fellow 2004 frontier owners, have you ever experienced the catalytic converter heat shield making noises under your truck whenever your truck is on a stand still? Well I have that problem. I just want your opinion if you had experience that problem before to whether change the heat shield...
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    Turn signals problem

    My cousin and I installed foglights on my 04 frontier. I noticed that my right turn signals doesn't blink brightly as the left turn signal does.So I crawled under my truck and i found out that the bulb harness for the right turn signal was loose. So i tight it up. I got the problem fixed. But...
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    I would like to know if any of you ever ordered parts from If you do, I would like to know if is free to register and how much is the shipping and handling when you order parts from their site? Thank you.
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    Touch up paint

    thanks. btw, you said your son has a 1st gen. fronty right?
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    Touch up paint

    Does anyone of you 04 frontier owners know where can I find a touch uppaint for your my truck?
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    HID headlights problem

    I just want to know if any of you 1st generation frontier owners out there had put HID headlight kit on your ride. I realized that their is a space issue under the hood on my fronty and I have no clue where to put the ballasts. I was thinking of getting the kit with a slim ballasts but that's...
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    HID headlights opinion

    Nah, I ain't putting projectors on her. I just need really bright headlights since were I lived is hella dark as hell and I hate when I keep turning on my high beams. Most of the time I forget to turn them off when ever there is an approaching car coming.