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    Bugdet Stereo's Pound the ground

    O.K., after more research. I call Vehicle Vibes in Hyannis, MA and finally someone was able to direct me to one of only two places currently offering a stereo installation kit for 2013/14 model S Frontiers. The installer at BestBuy didn't say they could even get them ordered! Metra part #95-7619...
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    Bugdet Stereo's Pound the ground

    Well, this is embarrassing. It appears I got the wrong face plate for my truck (2005 up) Didn't know that a change took place in 2009, and apparently in 2013 the Frontier S has a single center faceplate integrated with vents. No center section that will remove. Anyone have this problem, and...
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    Bugdet Stereo's Pound the ground

    Sounds good, I like Polk Audio (More affordable) and rock the house. Looking to get 2 sets and building a speaker plate to adapt them to the doors. But that will be later down the road when I find a new 4 channel amp from Crunch. I also will be replacing the sub down the road with a Earthquake...
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    Bugdet Stereo's Pound the ground

    O.K., so I bought a new truck in December. Was giving a choice between a $20,500 5sp. Manual with Bluetooth and a sunglass holder, or an Automatic that was 19 and change with no available options. After the road test the answer was simple. That no option Auto was long for this world, absolutely...
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    Anyone from MA or near by?

    Joined a couple months ago, live on Cape
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    Killed a Hemi Dodge Ram and Ford F-150

    Agreed even the newer V6's only have 260 some-odd HP. Newer rams have at least 300 hp. Only Ram with a V8 smoked by a Nissan was beaten by a Titan!