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    Nismo CAI

    I'm curious with the performance of this air intake as well. I was helping a buddy on installing the brake kit and jeep aftermarket parts on his Wrangler project when he mentioned he's looking for aftermarket cai for his Frontier.
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    07 Nissan frontier lift

    Rancho is definitely a better brand imo. Lasts longer and smoother to ride.
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    That's tricky using camera flexible wire.
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    Have you ever successfully retrieved that plunger?
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    300,000 mile Frontier Review!

    That's one tough rig.
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    Frontier For Tall Drivers???

    Only the best way to know is to sit on one. Bet you will fit just fine.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Into IT industry here as well and sometimes got a chance to travel abroad to our global branches.
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    Gear Shift Indicator Lamp Replacement

    We're going to replace the same lamp on buddy's Frontier right after we finished installing the skid plates and poison spyder bumper on the current Jeep project. I've seen a good guide on clubfrontier community if anyone is looking for a guide.
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    Walker Muffler

    Howdy! Have you ever figured it out which Walker muffler fits? And how's the sound?
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    Frontier plus 2 Xterras and a Pathfinder in Snow

    Great vid! They are unstoppable.
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    New Lift Pictures

    I started using Imgur lately as recommended by many. Hope they won't turn into another PB mess.
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    New Lift Pictures

    Too bad about Photobucket move on restricting those images. Photos like that should've been a good future reference.
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    Frontier turns over 500,000 miles

    Incredible milestone!