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    intrest T-case regear for 05+

    Just starting the idea thread for this and to get information on doing this for a 05+ frontier's and xterra's. Calmini makes one for the first gen guys if any one knows what T-case comes in the gen 2 that help a lot as well.
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    LTZ 4WD Chevy Silvy

    i never post here but to answer your question the VQ line of motors has an exposed timing belt and you can see it when it fails on the VQs you need to listen to the sounds the motor makes.
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    Anyone good with electronic devices?

    on ours don't think you can with out killing warranty we run a digital based gauge pack so you would need to tap into that line and thats a big nono
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    the future

    biggest issue is the rear end, I can do a flip but the axle is really close to the frame if i'm cutting i'm going full on frame on the ground
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    what's up fellow enthusiasts!

    thats actully a pathy his truck hides in the back. welcome jason, photoshopper II
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    the future

    yeah its gonna be a lot of custom work custom narrowed rear end lots of cutting and welding
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    Drew's guide to meeting models

    my truck looks damn good, and the photo get me paid whitch get me _______ from where i sit i'm doing well
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    Glamour shots.

    looks good man
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    Drew's guide to meeting models

    man of many skills
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    Drew's guide to meeting models

    note to KRH2 you might have to if sandi reads that
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    where is the flex pic on his hood steve. and time for sliders that extend pass the door. a good friend of mine when i was in college had a sased yota on 35s, and some big tube sliders that were flush with his tires we went to wall mart one day and he was "damn some one smaked my slider with...
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    showing off

    thanks jason
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    the future

    See i dont like it sitting so high for a street truck plus at the point were it is that low it will not be my everyday driver. basicly a show truck/weekend niceday truck
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    the future

    yeah stripe has to be thinner and thats as low as I would go, carphreak did it for me, the black one is nice 2
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    showing off

    more pics