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    What Mods have you done?

    This is really going to test my memory since I've had my '09 SE for 4 years but here it goes... Wincher front bumper, 9.5k Smittybilt winch, 5" KC Apollos Fog light kit K&N CAI 350Z Nismo 154* thermostat Bully Dog Tune Pioneer CD/DVD/GPS/Blue tooth/Satellite Radio 2" body lift Leveling...
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    Next Gen Titan

    I read that article and followed a link to an article about Chrysler's bankruptcy effecting the Titan program.  What is the relationship there?  I didn't know there was one.
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    Hello from the KC area

    Since no one else from the Midwest has posted anything on here I thought I'd be the first.  Any others out there?
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    Newbie from KS

    Yeah I was a member of a bigger one for a year or so and got kinda tired of so I thought I'd try this one out. Not really looking for help but just folks with a common interest in my area who may want to put together meets from time to time. I recognize your signature pic from another forum.
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    Newbie from KS

    Hello all, New guy from KS here.  I've had my Frontier for about a year and a half now.  Done a few mods here and there.  Looking forward to making new friends and learning new things.  Thanks!