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    Mileage Check-in

    Yeah my flaking has been slowly getting worse. I may have to try painting the fenders this summer.
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    Mileage Check-in

    90k or so.
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    Random Pics II

    Before & After of our bedroom. NOTE: The pics are not shot from the same point in the room though.
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    About a month ago I couldn't see some posts too. What I changed was the number of threads per page I see and that seemed to fix it. I went to my User CP, then Edit Options (under the profile section on the left side of the User CP), then on the right of that page is "Forum Display Options"...
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    Minor SIte Upgrade

    Works, thanks.
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    Minor SIte Upgrade

    Sign in box on the right of the homepage sends me to a 404 not found when I sign in using it. But I am in fact actually signed in because if I click the frontyspot logo or the forums link it shows me as signed in.
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    I'm back...

    Nice! Welcome back.
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    Hypertech or Superchip?

    What year truck? The Superchips doesn't support newer trucks. I think the Bully Dog and Hypertech support at least up to 2011.
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    Killed a Hemi Dodge Ram and Ford F-150

    Smoked a lightning with your 1st gen v6? Yeah right. That guy wasn't racing you then. Lightnings are faster than 1st and 2nd gens. I don't think the ram guy was racing you either. The 2nd gens can beat hemis, but they don't really "smoke" them and the 2nd gens are definitely faster than the 1st...
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    Random Pics II

    We'll use a hydraulic log splitter. I had to split the big pieces to lift them in the truck and it really sucked because the wood is so fresh/wet. The splitting wedges would not stay in the wood.
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    Random Pics II

    This is 6 truckloads , not including a bunch of small stuff that's out of the frame.
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    How to make a bracket for a Nissan 7 pin tow harness

    You should have just mounted it in your bumper. It looks cleaner and you won't risk breaking the plug off, like people have done.[hr] Here is a link to relocating the plug to the bumper:
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    Random Pics II

    It is a lot of work, and I'm paying for it today. There are at least 3 more truck loads to get. I may also be getting more from one of my wife's clients. We won't use this wood this winter, and may not even use it next winter. The wood has to season (dry out) for at least a year, and since we...
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    Oh that scam has been happening for awhile here in Northeast U.S. There was a report in the local paper about it a few months ago. Good luck straightening everything out.