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    Mileage Check-in

    I recieved my '12 pro4x 8 oct, 2011 (6 months now). as of yesterday, it was at 6,790 miles.
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    Thoughts on Fuel Economy

    I have been generally disappointed with my gas mileage. I got my new pro4x,CC,6 spd manual in Oct. I just did my 1st oil change at 3,500 mi two weeks ago. I had been averaging 17.8 on the stuff that came in the truck. I saw a new Mobil 1 oil for ecomomy and tried that. They are going with...
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    Next Pathfinder!! Could this be the face of the new Frontier?

    I sure hope not, since this thing is a unibody.
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    cool pic

    Maybe the tailgate, from the day before. I was on my way back from lubbock and stopped at a gas station to kick the ice out of the wheel wells so I could turn and saw it.
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    What Mods have you done?

    These guys actually do a canvas cover and polypropelyne, which lots of wrangler guys like. they also do camo.
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    cool pic

    I saw this the other day when I was kicking ice out of my wheel wells and couldn't resist taking a pic. Not something you see everyday. [attachment=2894]
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    What Mods have you done?

    They aren't actual leather. They are vinyl leatherette. I got them because the color matches my interior really well and they are pretty waterproof and wipe off easily.
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    New member from S. Jersey

    Welcome. Hope to see some pics soon
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    How to make a bracket for a Nissan 7 pin tow harness

    I thought about that, but I didn''t want to put any holes in the truck until the warranty expires. I don't want to get any rust on the bumper and them not replace it because I altered it. I may re-do it in a few years.
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    What Mods have you done?

    Yes, they are slip on. I like them and I don't. They look and feel good, but they are sketchy quality. they use velcro and straps with clips to attach, and I tore the hem that the straps are attached to away in a few places. The stiching around the edges where the straps anchor is crappy...
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    How to make a bracket for a Nissan 7 pin tow harness

    Hey all. I was mis informed and did not buy the factory tow package because I thought the bed extender wouldn't work with the bakflip cover I wanted. So now, I have already bought a Curt hitch and the Nissan tow harness and lo and behold, when I read the directions, I find out that the...
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    What Mods have you done?

    I finally have some pics to post for my upgrades. So far, I have put in seat covers, a dash mat, a tonneau cover, satellite radio, a hitch and wiring for the hitch. I did not buy the factory tow package, so I had to fab a bracket for the factory harness I bought. I will post the pics for that...
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    im here

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy the site, and your "new" ride.
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    looking for a bed extender

    I am in Portales, NM. the zip is 88130
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    Bender Nissan, Clovis, NM

    I just got my tonneau cover put on friday, and a hitch today. I still need a wiring harness. I don't want to take pics yet, as it is so dirty. I can't even keep it clean a week out here in the sticks.