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    2008 King Cab SE 4X4 CANOPY

    My truck has ARE tonneau cover and I really like it. It has a low profile design, and I can easily access my truck's bed. If you need to haul your surfing boards or kayak, get a bed cover with a rack system like the Bakflip CS.
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    More than 2 degree possible?

    Advancing the timing is an old trick that can give you some hp gain, but doing it incorrectly can damage the engine.
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    GForce Performance Chip Kit

    It is just another resistor in a box. Don't expect noticeable mileage improvement.
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    Code P0181/P0182

    Since you're done fixing the fuel level sensor, it might be a circuit issue.  Check the wiring from the fuel pump connector to the ECM.
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    Rear camera: bumper vs license frame

    Installation is easy. You can run the wire under the carpet and through the center console of your truck.
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    Heat in cab

    I'm not familiar with that kind of problem, though it sounds like a bad insulation.
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    Console Vault is 5 weeks away, making vault for Fronty

    Nice. I like the fact that it is lockable. It is great for securing firearms.
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    3/2in lift question...

    Remember that adding a 3-inch lift on the front can strain the CV joints.
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    Nismo CAI

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    Frontier For Tall Drivers???

    I agree on istting in on a brandnew one to see how it fits. Adding extended seat tracks is another way to gain more leg room.
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    Lift kit already here

    Nice choice. My rig has a 2-inch lift also with Ironman tires. These tires are very reliable despite of being not a popular brand.
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    Custom dynomax dual exhaust

    Nice mod. Dynomax is a nice sounding exhaust.
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    Turn signal/tail light issues

    If the ground is not the issue, check also the multifunction switch and relays.