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    Random Pics II

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    The 2.8-liter Cummins Inc diesel in the Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner at The Chicago

    Interesting, Nissan why wants to use a different diesel engine, such as the Navara? There is the 2.5 DCI 194 hp or 240 hp 3.0 dc. Not good? And I know these aren't crapy Renault engnes, they are originaly Nissan development.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Merry Christmas Okie!
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    Random Thought Thread

    End of my season. In 2013 the start is in the end of Jan, or in Febr. The weather is the real king.
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    New Pathfinder
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    06 frontier nismo headlights/rims before and after. New Custom dual exhaust!

    RE: mods to 06 frontier nismo headlights/rims :smt039 Welcome here!
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    Pictures for the Home page

    Nice Frontier! Welcome here!
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    2013 Nissan Sentra Spy Photos

    Yes..Renault Fluence
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    2013 Nissan Sentra Spy Photos

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    Random Pics II

    Phelan, the first is (maybe) the best picture from you EVER! The others little" too much" for me.
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    The Chase

    It's cool! :D
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    Random Pics II

    Really great shots. Little Aliens feeling.
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    Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year Frontyspot!
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    Random Pics II

    I like when the truck is working. Good pics EB!
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    Random Pics.....

    ouupss, but good pics. This is too early snow?