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Hey there Frontier enthusiasts,
This weekend I was helping a friend replace his water pump in his '05 frontier with the 4.0L v6 and we lost the plunger for the timing tensioner in the timing cover. I tried using a flexible magnet. I even dropped the oil pan and reached my arm/ the magnet as far into the bowels of the engine as I could but could not get this 2"x2/5th" piece out of the timing cover. So what I'm asking anyone here is if we need to disassemble the timing cover or is there a way to get this piece out without all the trouble? Or can we just leave that chunk of metal in there without it destroying the chain or any other components? We have had this thing open all weekend so I am open to most options that don't involve taking anything else apart. Please keep in mind that we have scrawny arms and have reached our magnets farther down than most people could see. Let me know if you have any better ideas or if we are doomed to take on the project of removing the timing cover???
Thanks and best wishes
Ouch!! Undecided

Sorry I don't know the answer but I keep my fingers crossed for you.
Have you ever successfully retrieved that plunger?
yes we got it out with  one of those cameras on a flexible wire and when we located it I used a little claw-machine looking device to grab it. The magnet on a stick doesn't work because it attaches to too much stuff on the way down. It was a finicky process but with some patience and luck we did it!
That's tricky using camera flexible wire.

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