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Intro and need help on my frontier!
Hello everyone am new here been having my frontier around a year and half and I have done a few things in it. But would like advice in other things I can do to it for example where can I get a good lift at also wanted to switch up my bumper with a guard or something am not to Savy in that kind of stuff so I was looking for some help.

Here's a couple things I done to it
Aftermarket jvc Bluetooth radio
20inch xd wrapped in nitto tires
Painted bumper
Blacked out tail lights
Volant cold air intake

4-6 inch lift
Leather seats
Maybe a custom paint don't know yet
And other things etc

Am a chick by the way so thanks guys any info will help!![Image: uhy2eru3.jpg][Image: atyvage7.jpg]
Good looking truck. I love the XD Addicts. Was getting ready to buy a set myself, until I ran across a 1967 Nissan Patrol. So, for now, it's just a set of BFG MT KM2s same size as my current ATs.
You didn't mention whether or not you are 4WD or 2WD. There are drop spindles for a 2WD truck, or the Calmini 5" drop bracket and the Fabtech 6" drop bracket lift kits. I personally prefer the Calmini because the Fabtech has a couple big square brackets that hangs down beneath the truck that can hang up when offroad.
[Image: 52541d1196346065-6-fabtech-lift-2007-4x4...ick-10.jpg]
[Image: 2986155_1_full.jpg]

Either company should be able to point you to an installer in your area.
Guards in the front...the only thing that provides protection is a heavy winch bumper. A bull bar and a grill guard will not prevent damage should you hit anything.

There are several sources for a bull bar or grill guard, but the choices for winch bumpers are slimmer with Calmini, Shrockworks, and TAG being the major ones. I didn't go all the way to the bumper page for Calmini, because they are using my truck for the picture on the Nissan 2005 up Frontiers page.

I installed my own winch bumper, but a capable auto/body shop should be able to install it if you didn't want to tackle it yourself. Shrockworks is in Houston, TX. May be worth the drive if they will install.

Leather? Katzkin Leather. Maybe not so bad to install yourself, but, they have a large network of installers around the country.

Hope this helps.
06 nismo CC 4X4: SOLD and replaced with 2017 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon; Teraflex 3" lift, 315/70-17 Cooper STT PRO tires on Fuel Trophy wheels, JCR bumpers front and rear w/Warn 9.5cti winch in front, Ace sliders, GraBars, Weathertech window deflectors and floor liners
98 Jeep Wrangler in the garage, 2" lift, 33X12.50 BFG MTs on 15X8 MT Classic Locks, Pioneer/MTX/RF P3 Sound, Borla Header w/Flowmaster
63 and 67 Nissan Patrols (under construction)
It's 2wd I know boo... And thanks for the info that will help and all check it out lucky for me I live in Houston so will give them a call for shure.

Thanks for the help much appreciated and for he lift that's exactly what am looking for.
Welcome to the Spot. Truck looks great
[Image: 3gears.gif]06 CC 4X2 6sp Avalanche White NISMO SPORT[Image: drive.gif]
[Image: 43d20b1b.jpg]
Click on the picture for my Frontier thread

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