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Morikami Japanese gardens **PIC WARNING**
Morikami Japanese Gardens Delray Beach Florida

[Image: th_4-3-2011419Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011414Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011403Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011402Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011401Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011400Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011397Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011396Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011392Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011391Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011390Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011380Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011379Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011378Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011376Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011375Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011374Medium.jpg]
[Image: th_4-3-2011373Medium.jpg]
[Image: 3gears.gif]06 CC 4X2 6sp Avalanche White NISMO SPORT[Image: drive.gif]
[Image: 43d20b1b.jpg]
Click on the picture for my Frontier thread
I love banzai trees. Tried to start one when I was a kid, but killed it.
Did you have to stop yourself from walking through the rock garden and messing up the patterns.
06 nismo CC 4X4: SOLD and replaced with 2017 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon; Teraflex 3" lift, 315/70-17 Cooper STT PRO tires on Fuel Trophy wheels, JCR bumpers front and rear w/Warn 9.5cti winch in front, Ace sliders, GraBars, Weathertech window deflectors and floor liners
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Wow that's so pretty!
'06 Queen Cab SE - Adios Dezert.. NorCal Bound!
[Image: Ogilby-1.png][Image: fro2-1-2.jpg]

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
Actually the kids jumped into a couple of the rock gardens, luckily no one was around. Just remade the lines with my finger, LOL
It was amazing it took us almost 3 hours to go through the whole thing
[Image: 3gears.gif]06 CC 4X2 6sp Avalanche White NISMO SPORT[Image: drive.gif]
[Image: 43d20b1b.jpg]
Click on the picture for my Frontier thread
That looks AMAZING!
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue

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