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new grill
here is the new grill, need to adjust the drivers side a little bit

[Image: DSCN0731.jpg]
[Image: DSCN0732.jpg]
Lookin good. Man you are the king of mods lately.
[Image: sigph.jpg]
thats the one i have but i have the nissan emblem on mine still, how much did you pay
The Grill looks awesome, I did notice the gap in the center(main) part towards the bottom. Can that be fixed? or is it the angle?

I see you got rid of the Nissan emblem.

Drew, the Grill Looks good!
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue
the gap cant be changed and I like it a little bit in person.

the redux is done for now,
I payed under 150 shipped for it
It looks very similar to my grill. I got mine from Stillen, but I chose to keep the Nissan emblem.

[Image: newgrillfronty006.jpg]
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue
It appears that I also have a gap, but never noticed it
So I am sure yours is just fine! 164
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue
Looks good. Both of them. I would like to find something in black. I thought about a self-etching primer and spray paint, but I'm not ready to spray something after spending that much money.
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98 Jeep Wrangler in the garage, 2" lift, 33X12.50 BFG MTs on 15X8 MT Classic Locks, Pioneer/MTX/RF P3 Sound, Borla Header w/Flowmaster
63 and 67 Nissan Patrols (under construction)
Irongrave Wrote:I payed under 150 shipped for it

That my friend is a great price!
[Image: sigph.jpg]
This is my Carriage Works grill which was a little over $200. The fit of the Carriage Works grill seems to work pretty well. You certainly did get a better deal than I did.

[Image: IMG_0008.jpg]


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OK, here is mine and it was only $120.00!

[Image: 225015105.jpg]
OMG....I think that is the first pic I have seen of LilRedExpress's truck....You really do own a Frontier.... 167

Sorry for the brief jack....

Irongrave, very nice choice, Okie....Also a nice your your grill also...think they all look very similar! 165
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue
where is your hamburger with ketchup???

jk bro, looks great

2001 CC SC
shrock bumper, 2.5"AAL, crank, terragrapplers, full audio, solofab skid
dang all those be some grills i'm sure paul wall would approve! very nice!
"it does not matter who started the thread, at the end of the day i will be it's last poster...."
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