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rims and tires help
i need help deciding tires and rims, i want something around a 285/65/18. pictures would help too
I went with the 265/70/17's BFG AT's. I have a very tight fit without rubbing. I know a few folks that have gone with the 285's but they were 17's. They rubbed and had to removed the mud flaps and had to cut some of the inside of the wheel well to make room.

What kind of rims where you thinking about?
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue
I've got 285/50/20s with no rubbing. though u might want to call greg at PRG and get a set of spacers for the front

2001 CC SC
shrock bumper, 2.5"AAL, crank, terragrapplers, full audio, solofab skid
179 18's won't fit on our truck, correct?
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue

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