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new dash project
well in the next 2 weeks i should be starting my new dash project.

Step 1. getting a portable navi unit, with a gramon, karmon or pioneer 5 or 6in screan. I plan on getting a seccond of the little tray things we have about the radio and fiberglassing a box around the unit and molding it to the tray. then wrapping it in a thin piece of carbon fiber.

Step 2. pull all the AC vents out and see if I can make carbon fiber fins or wrap the stock ones in the carbon fiber vinial.

Step 3. get 3 new AC control knobs from a maxima or altima, and pulling the frontier one out. take the control wires and make up the new knobs with a carbon fiber backing plate.and probably try and wrap the knobs them selves in CF, I'll have to make up some lighting and the decals for where the settings are (unless i used ones where everything is built into the knob (what i really want)

Step 4. Make a piece of fiberglass wrapped in CF to go from the center consul to the dash and mount my scan gauge in there.

Step 5. wrap the center section (where the radio is) in a thin piece of real CF.

Step 6. Swap out the rear armrest for the pathfinder one. and wrap the whole thing in CF.

Step 7. wrap the E brake holder and swap the boot for on from a charcoal truck, also swap out the shifter for one from a charcoal turck

Step 8. wrap the rest of the center consul in CF

Should be a few week long project but should be fun at the same time. i will be making available (depending on how good i do) indash navi uints for 05+ frontier, pathys and Xs
Wow, you are going to be a busy man. Have fun, I am sure it is going to look awesome
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Sounds awesome! I can't wait to hear how this goes.
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eisman Wrote:Sounds awesome! I can't wait to hear how this goes.

Awww, x2.....I can't wait to see pics and hear how the install is!
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damn, that is a lot of CF! Just don't cut yourself with the thin stuff.
its cloth that you impregnate with resin I dont think i can cut my self with it though I will wear gloves for all of it (still nursing a bad bruise and cut from doing the radflos (sliced the glove 2 so would have been really bad with out it)
were do you get the cf from sound like it would be fun to wrap things with. maybe my sub box or something
there is a local shop the dose a lot of dealing with different fiberglass and they said they could get me the CF cloth
o thats cool cant wait to see how good it looks when your done!
interesting change from the original plan. still requires moving the e-brake to the floor (pathfinder style), so that's something to think about. the mount locations are the same in the floor, so if the armrest is longer (which it is) there's only one place for it to go-forward. and that is going to eat your e-brake. you'd need a complete pathfinder floor console in addition to the armrest/cubby. (unless you know/are planning something i don't)

can't wait to see the finished product. good luck with it.
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Post pics or it didn't happen.

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