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Auto Security System
Wow, this seems like a Good Security System and a good deal! $299

Quote:Better security made affordable.

Top-of-the-line remote Vehicle Alarm System with 6-channel security from Auto Page®, the leader in the design and manufacturing of reliable automotive vehicle security and safety systems. With over 25 years experience, it's no wonder Auto Page is the choice of consumers worldwide.


With this InstallCard a professional installer will install an aftermarket security system including a control module with LED status indicator, ignition starter-kill, shock-detector, exterior siren with parking lights, and connect to factory power door locks for keyless-entry. Additional power door lock modules (sold separately) will be required for some vehicles. Basic installation includes door trigger for alarm with some vehicles requiring additional parts and/or labor for delayed interior lights, hood/trunk triggers, and disabling the factory alarm system.
(1) 2-way silver titanium-color finish LCD AM transceiver w/27 visible icons for communication w/your car & security system
(1) 1-way standard mini-transmitter for optional use with your spare key
Controls factory power door locking system & trunk release on most vehicles
Dual stage shock sensor
2-car/2-system operation from both 2-way & standard transmitters (optional equipment required)
(4) auxiliary channels for controlling optional feature

Model: RF-520LCD
Vehicle alarm system w/6-channel security
2-way AM/AM communication
5-button AM standard mini remote
Anti-code grabbing
Code learning/anti-scan
56-bit random code hopping
Standard dual stage shock sensor
Over 75 trillion codes
Dual polarity parking light flash
Valet/override push switch
Super bright status LED
Starter disable output
Trigger inputs (+/-)
Up to 750' range
Keyless entry outputs (w/built-in relays)
Keyless entry outputs (+/-)
Ignition control door locks
120 dB single siren
Dedicated factory horn output
Dedicated factory trunk release output
Dome light illuminated entry
3rd channel auxiliary output
4th channel auxiliary output
5th channel auxiliary output
6th channel auxiliary output
Remote panic/car locator
True last arming
Error bypass reporting
Passive arming/auto rearm bypass
Remote sensor bypass

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05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue
A link to the costco website........

Security System
05 Nissan Frontier 4x4, Stillen SuperCharger, BFG AT's Tongue
yea its a good alarm,its the same as the viper and cliford. might check ebay for one and get it alot cheaper my alarm is around 500 i think (msrp) and i think i have seen them on eaby for around 200
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Mods Performance: AEM brute force intake, Amsoil lol
I had this alarm on my titan, and it wouldnt work properly from the beginning, I went back and they put the viper 5900 and never had a problem!
it looks cool, i have the autopage rs900 so far it has worked like a champ. i just don't like that fact that the LCD remote is painted so if you put it in your pocket or with other keys, the paint wears off..
"it does not matter who started the thread, at the end of the day i will be it's last poster...."
[Image: carph3.jpg]
Its the same problem with the directed alarm remotes as well!
I have GEMS system 179 .
It's great. If the door open and you don't switch the code, my phone start to ring. If the car is missing, I can stop it with a SMS if it's anywhere.
I like it.
[Image: 5260151.jpeg]
i like a lot but cant deal with that thing in my pocket. Id rather just find one of those gps things. So that if the truck is ever stolen i can find those guys easily.
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