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fuel gauge and transmission problem
well, here i am at 32 000 miles on my 07, and my transmission, maybe clutch is makig cracking was making those noises ever since i bought it brand new, but it has been getting louder and louder lately, sounds like wooden sticks being service advisor says it is because i shift too low and my engine wants to go, while the clutch is strugling to transfer below 2k rpm...but the way he taps the throttle and waits 5 hours till he finally shifts at over 3k rpm leads me to believe he hasnt driven a manual in decades.......

i like to make full use of the generous torque and usually shift at 2k rpm in daily driving and keep it floored in next gear at aroudn 1.5k till it climbs back up to just doesnt come natural to shift over 2k and not floor it all the time. how do you guys shift??? do you think im abusive??

also, my fuel gauge usually pops right up after fueling..... this time, i waited in the car and decided to turn the ignition to the 3rd position which only activates the electricity and gauges, thinking id watch the fuel gauge indicator slowly making its way to the full line. well, it didnt , it stayed put. so i took the key out of the ignition and fired it up.....still didnt move, on my way back home, it slooooowly made its way up..... what do you think happened??
There have been issues with the fuel sending unit so that is most likely the problem with the fuel gauge. On the tranny I don't know what the problem is. I'm at about 41,000 miles with mine and haven't had any problems with it yet. The cracking you describe doesn't sound normal to me. I would have had it checked much sooner. I know a couple people have had manual trannies go, but some were do to abusive driving and inexperience. I usually shift between 2 and 3k with moderate acceleration.
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I shift at 2,500 or below it. Rarely do i shift above 3k...I do have trouble trying to put it in gear...kindve need to jerk it...have the clutch all the way down but i dont know what the problem is...
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I've had my fuel sender replaced and need to have it done again. Never read full. Had the whole tank/sender/filter/pump replaced and it worked fine for about a month. Now back to the way it was. Weird how they replace the whole shabang instead of just the sending unit. This is a common problem on Titans, dont know about frontiers though. 179
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