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2006 4.0 Oil pressure sensor - rickof956 - 03-02-2017

About a month ago I had my number one coil pack give out on me. I went got the code checked and idk what i was doing and ended up at a mechanics place and out 300$ after I replaced all my own plugs. All I had to do was change out that one coil pack and amazon had them for cheap 70$ lesson learned . After that I've had my oil pressure sensor on high for a while. I fond the part on eBay for 16$ got it on it worked. After a few minutes and at idling my pressure gauge goes all the way down and tells me I need oil. So I'm mad and need this fixed do I buy anther one or go back to the mechanic and pray it is not my timing belt or should I replace the old one back on Huh ...

RE: 2006 4.0 Oil pressure sensor - mdawg4x4 - 03-02-2017

Really hard to say. I am always leery of low oil pressure. How many miles on it? Does the engine run OK (timing)? My timing belt started sounding like a supercharger when it started getting loose due to the tensioners. I used to always do most of my own maintenance, but with the advancements in technology and older age, I have started using the dealership, but it IS expensive.
Sorry, I'm not much help.