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Full Version: Mountain Biking in DeSoto NF
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Today was such a pretty day that we parked the truck and did our trail riding on bikes. This was on Longleaf Trail in the Chickasawhay Ranger District. We had a good time and plan to do it again.

[Image: MBRide092808001.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808002.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808003.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808004.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808005.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808006.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808007.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808008.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808009.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808010.jpg]
[Image: MBRide092808011.jpg]
awsome! looks like you guys had fun! no injuries hopefully
Nah. We are too slow to get injured. 164
OMG! I was totally looking for the flaming marshmellow..... 198 (didnt read the title)

Does look like fun!
Too much excercise for me. I'll stick with the Jeep on those trails.
179 Wonder how many calories you burnt that day. 203

Cute boys! Give them a hug tonight! 207