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Full Version: Cruisin The Coast in MS
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Not many on here from this part of the country, but Cruisin the Coast is this weekend. I'm headed down Saturday morning. If anybody else close is going (I know Res cannot make it), post up. Let me know where you might be found.

Then going on a ride Sunday in Hattiesburg.
Wish I could join ya all!...But love the West coast living! 202
Back, but don't have the pics loaded yet. Absolutely amazing time. I was shocked by how big this event is. Probably 20 miles of beach front highway bumper to bumper plus all the small gatherings along the way.

Left early, 3hr ride home, but got some good pics. I'll get them loaded later.

Here are a few of the many pics my daughter and I took.
Great cars!!

I like this one

[Image: b_160248.jpg]
Great pics mdawg!! Thank you! 185