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Full Version: Lift kit already here
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My lift kit came today. I'll be installing the coilovers in the morning. Maybe the rest the next day. It's only 2" with AAL's rear and the emulsion shocks rear shown.

Coil overs installed this morn.

We installed the AAL's and rear shocks last eve. Truck sits good now, nice 2" lift all the way around and she still has the natural truck rake that comes from factory. Tires are next, I ordered Kelly Safari TSR's in a LT285/75 R16 (load range E), and they'll be in Sat and installed that same afternoon in town.

Also, removed the 55 gallon drum from underneath and put in a Flowmaster double chambered 40 series instead.
Keep the Y-Pipe? Keep the stock tail pipe? How much drone?
It's not too bad. I'm old school and like to hear it run. I kept the y and the original pipes. In these Fronties, most of the restriction is in the muffler, then the Y. But I keep it simple, it's got plenty of ponies to fill my pockets with tickets, anyways, I usually pull slow up to 75 then hit CC and out here is slow dirt roads.
Mine drones under light acceleration around the 2200rpm mark.
I'll check on mine and see if it drones. I never noticed it in my other Fronties, either the 05 with the 6 or the 11 4 cyl. I can tell you that the difference in gitty-up between the 4 & 6 cyls does not equate to the savings of fuel economy, IMO. It's not a big enough difference to warrant the power loss.

Saturday is window tint and tires and its about done with mods. Nothing heavy just real light mods. My son is supposed to check out a mag drill from work to drill my bumper for the 7 pin plug. I'll get that done soon too.
Awesome. Pictures after the tires.
that looks great
Nice choice. My rig has a 2-inch lift also with Ironman tires. These tires are very reliable despite of being not a popular brand.
What brand of Lift Kit did you go for?
(01-02-2019, 07:19 AM)wavedancer84 Wrote: [ -> ]What brand of Lift Kit did you go for?