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Full Version: Mdawg's 67 Patrol.
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Ooops, I did it again. I bought another Patrol. This one is a 67. Body is better than the 63 in some areas, but not in others. This one is running, and with a split master cylinder, I am not going to have to replace it like the single system on the 63. I think I can do minor work along the way on this one and enjoy driving it.

Update on the 63. I have the front wheel cylinders replaced. Got too busy with work at work to finish the rear. Haven't had any holidays off to get anything done. I want a split master cylinder w/small vacuum booster to make the brakes work a little easier and safer.

Here is a pic of the 67 on the way home. More pics as I get them.
The sliding windows were swapped for a piece of plexiglass. Luckily I have 2 sets of sliding glass rubbers from the group buy. The Rochester carb is running a bit rich. I'll have to adjust it a little, but it starts quite easily and drives OK.
[Image: 16193474_orginial.jpg]

[Image: 16193524_large.jpg?v=1]
Nice Titan and Patrol!
That is great!! Nice little Patrol.
Titan is my dad's. I love it.
Gotta find a carb guy that knows how to tune one. I'm running way too rich. Flooding out if the rpms aren't kept up.
You'll have to find an old timer to be able to tune carburetors in this day of fuel injection. On the other hand you could do an engine transplant ala street rod fashion to make it more driveable. I wonder what might fit?
That sounds like it may be the float sticking Mdawg.
(05-01-2013, 02:37 PM)Front11 Wrote: [ -> ]That sounds like it may be the float sticking Mdawg.

May be. I just picked up a carb kit and new float. 1st chance I get, I'll tear it down, clean it, and reassemble. Just cannot see 1st chance at the moment.
The patrol looks awesome.