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Full Version: Nismo CAI
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So my new Nismo CAI showed up about a week ago. I couldn't wait to put it on.

This is the final product.
[Image: truckparts031.jpg]

You first have to remove the old factory intake and the forward and rear engine cover.

lower half of the airbox

[Image: truckparts003.jpg]

aft engine cover and upper half of airbox

[Image: truckparts002.jpg]

forward engine cover and air filter

[Image: truckparts004.jpg]

What you are left with
[Image: truckparts007.jpg]

[Image: truckparts025.jpg]

[Image: truckparts009.jpg]

and you must remove the oil breather/Exhaust gas re-circulation hose.
[Image: truckparts011-1.jpg]

Now to start putting parts back in

The first thing I did was install the gasket around the top of the heat shield. I had to use a pair of cable cutters to get this to fit because the 2 pieces were about an inch too long and hung over the end of the heat shield.

[Image: truckparts030-1.jpg]

[Image: truckparts012-1.jpg]

I then installed the new breather/EGR hose using the factory clamps

[Image: truckparts025.jpg]

I then installed the factory MAF sensor using the factory hardware into the new intake tube

[Image: truckparts022-1.jpg]

I had a little trouble mounting the heat-shield. Not a big deal, it seemed to be because the box was made from such heavy guage steel. I just inserted the 2 bolts loosely.

[Image: truckparts014.jpg]

Followed by these 2 bolts also inserted loosely

[Image: truckparts018.jpg]

[Image: truckparts019.jpg]

You can see here the hole not lining up the way it was supposed too. like I said I just inserted the first 2 loosely and it allowed me to persuade the box into alignment. Basically it gave me the necessary leverage

[Image: truckparts015.jpg]

This other hole didn't want to line up as well but as before it was soon massaged into agreement.

[Image: truckparts016.jpg]

Once the heatshield was mounted in place this little spacer/vibration dampner was bolted to the heat shield. it is basically 2 bolts with their heads mounted in a piece of rubber 180 degrees apart.

[Image: truckparts026.jpg]

The air intake tube mounts to this same dampner on one end and the other end fits to the throttle body via the factory isolation mount and pipe clamps.

[Image: truckparts024.jpg]

[Image: truckparts023.jpg]

I then installed the included air filter

[Image: truckparts030.jpg]

Applied the C.A.R.B. sticker. I didn't have to being that I live in Florida, but why not.

[Image: truckparts032.jpg]

And i was left with this

[Image: truckparts031.jpg]

So far I have noticed a little loss of low end torque, but I hope the soon to be installed exhaust will fix that. And I have noticed a little better fuel economy when I can keep my foot out of it, about 1.5 mpg. But I love the sound it makes, it is very loud and throaty.
You'll love it. I do mine. Get a K&N filter cover to help keep it clean.
Looks great!
These pictures are so much bigger on my laptop than they were on my phone! Smile
Looks great. I bet you like the new sound under your hood.
How is it? Does the CAI improve your truck's horsepower and fuel efficiency?