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Full Version: Laurel Expedition III
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An excerpt from Mississippi-Mud:

All I can say, looking back on LE3 is "Wow!".
Third time's the charm, I guess. Sure, we had to endure some rain and a couple of thunder storms, but the team was up for the task. Camp set ups and break downs went like clockwork. We had great conversation the entire time, and the trails were truly expedition material. We had to clear obstrucions, check water depths, and strap rigs through problem areas in order to get to 'point B'.

Water was flowing in several places along the trails including the "Log Jam". One trail was frame-deep for several hundred yards.

The Laurel Expedition has never been easy, and very few have ever completed the course and all camps. My hat is off to the participants for stepping up to a very challenging, but rewarding, run. The first two Laurel Expeditions had their shortcomings, but this one was everything it was supposed to be; man and machine vs the elements.

[Image: LE3002-1.jpg]
[Image: LE3005-1.jpg]
[Image: LE3006.jpg]
[Image: LE3010.jpg]
[Image: LE3011.jpg]
[Image: LE3020.jpg]
[Image: LE3021.jpg]
[Image: LE3029.jpg]
[Image: LE3031.jpg]
[Image: LE3034.jpg]
[Image: LE3035.jpg]
[Image: LE3037.jpg]
[Image: LE3043.jpg]
[Image: LE3046.jpg]
[Image: LE3048.jpg]
[Image: LE3049.jpg]
[Image: LE3050.jpg]
[Image: LE3055.jpg]
[Image: LE3057.jpg]
[Image: LE3064.jpg]
[Image: LE3065.jpg]
[Image: LE3069.jpg]
[Image: LE3071.jpg]
WOW! Cool pics! Looks like another GREAT adventure!
Love the pics!

Thank you Res! 185

oh and the ranger 187
[Image: LaurelExpediion3027.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3028.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3030.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3031.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3035.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3036.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3037.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3040.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3044.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3046.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3045.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3065.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3063.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3061.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3056.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3068.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3075.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3077.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3088.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3086.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3084.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3083.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3082.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3081.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3080.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3093.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3097.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3100.jpg]
[Image: LaurelExpediion3102.jpg]
This trip was two nights of camping with 85 miles of forest travel.

For some reason, we didn't get pics of Camp #2. It was gorgeous.
Here are some more:

[Image: DSCF4120.jpg]

My portable outhouse.
[Image: DSCF4125.jpg]

[Image: DSCF4134.jpg]

[Image: DSCF4137.jpg]

[Image: DSCF4141.jpg]

[Image: DSCF4147.jpg]

[Image: DSCF4153.jpg]

[Image: DSCF4154.jpg]

[Image: DSCF4156.jpg]
great country! 211
Once again, I did not attend. Tromping around in the mud all day, in the rain, is not my thing anymore. I am too old for that much fun. There was a time however,,,

Res looks like there was not as much winching as there was at Winchfest 1! 185
mdawg4x4 Wrote:I am too old for that much fun. There was a time however,,,
We have a "Joke of the day" topic. That is your sentence's place.
You and the old 182