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Full Version: Mississippi-Mud Labor Day Ride
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. is hosting a Labor Day ride in Laurel, MS if anybody is interested. I know the drive is a bit of a stretch for most of you, but we will wait for you at the Busy Bee truck stop, ~1/2 mile south on Hwy15 just off I59 @ Exit 96B, til 9:00am.
FrontySpot members are always welcome.

I wish many of the people at work with Frontiers would join me here and Titans over on TitanSpot as well as at MS-Mud, but most are not interested in forums.
Many are not interested in forums until they have a problem that they cannot figure out. Then they do a search and find people like us who know it all. :p
We, mississippi-mud, met up in Laurel for a little ride. We had 4 members show up:
Reserector in his "Flaming Marshmellow"
A Toyota TRD 4X2 with no locker (he did an amazing job to be running an open diff)
A silver Jeep TJ "War Eagle"
My white TJ "GO Dawgs"

It got warm, but not too bad. Mostly dusty.

[Image: 24540064002_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064003_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064004_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064005_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064006_large.jpg]

Skinny Pedal
[Image: 24540064007_large.jpg]

[Image: 24540064010_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064011_large.jpg]

I tried to bite off more than the others. No go without at least one locker.
[Image: 24540064012_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064013_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064014_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064015_large.jpg]

The natives.
[Image: 24540064016_large.jpg]

[Image: 24540064017_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064018_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064019_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064020_large.jpg]

Lunch!!! At last!!!
[Image: 24540064021_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064022_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064023_large.jpg]

[Image: 24540064024_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064025_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064027_large.jpg]

War Eagle!
[Image: 24540064026_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064028_large.jpg]

GO Dawgs!
[Image: 24540064029_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064030_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064031_large.jpg]

The end of the trail.
[Image: 24540064032_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064033_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064034_large.jpg]

But not the end of the dust!
[Image: 24540064036_large.jpg]
[Image: 24540064035_large.jpg]

Had a great time!