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Full Version: Went Down to the In-Laws
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Had to make a trip down to my father-in-laws. He fell a couple weeks ago and broke his shoulder. His fridge and AC had quit working, so we got him some replacements along with a new Vizio 26" TV.

Couldn't leave without playing.
[Image: 24888630154_large.jpg]

[Image: 24888630155_large.jpg]

[Image: 24888630156_large.jpg]

[Image: 24888630157_large.jpg]

[Image: 24888630148_large.jpg]

[Image: 24888630153_large.jpg]

[Image: 24888630150_large.jpg]

[Image: 24888630149_large.jpg]
Looks like a lot of fun! Like the frontyspot sticker Smile
All family was in fun? Who is in reflection?168
(05-30-2010, 10:15 AM)balage Wrote: [ -> ]All family was in fun? Who is in reflection?168

Which picture?
2nd to last
I see now. That would be my daughter.
Tongue GREAT Pictures!
That looks like a lot of fun.