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Full Version: Pics from my trip to the Catskills
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Went up to the Catskills earlier this moth, here are a few pics.

The cabin:
[Image: 3808585634_6c47be30cd_o.jpg]

Buttermilk Falls:
[Image: 3807770409_cf540955ae_o.jpg]

[Image: 3808585600_5fa8c8a2da_o.jpg]

[Image: 3807770315_b9d9646e35_o.jpg]

Other Water Pics:
[Image: 3808585484_57d6220312_o.jpg]

[Image: 3808585446_e09d40b9fb_o.jpg]

View on the drive there:
[Image: 3808606754_72db9b9314_o.jpg]

We watched a couple guys take off with hang gliders:
[Image: th_MVI_4263.jpg]

[Image: 3808585416_0eaace0805_o.jpg]

"Time circuits on. Flux Capacitor... fluxxing. Engine running. All right!"
[Image: 3808585660_ff936d926b_o.jpg]
It may have been August, but the water looks chilly.
Now that's the kind of water feature I wouild like to have in my back yard. Thank you for sharing.

EB! You kill me! Beautiful pics!
and the Delorean! Great!!
that is awesome! BEAUTIFUL Pics!!!!!!
awesome pics!!!

by the way you forgot to check the mr