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Full Version: Titan Meet Old Town Florida Oct.12-13
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There will be a dyno at the Titan meet in Old Town Florida.

Here is the official thead in CT

$40 for 3 pulls! here is their website. Here is the site to the hotel and it is with in walking distance to the area where the meet is held and all of Old Town.

Please sign up here if you are coming so that I can update the CT organizers
less than a month away. Let me know if you are coming so that I can let the organizers know
The cruise starts at 7pm Friday Oct. 12th and the meet starts at 10 am saturday 13th. Get there early on Sat as parking will be at a premium
I will be there Friday and Saturday so look for my truck, CT wants us to kinda stay together so get there early Saturday.

The schedule of events is simple:
Friday cruise starts at 7 pm
Saturday meet starts at 9 am with the dyno runs

Here is a link to the Old town website:
We have right at 90 yes 90 people on the sign up list. This meet is going to be HUGE. Oct 12th and 13th. The 13th is the day to come its the actual meet from 8am-5pm. Mobile Dyno, 10 trophies, food, fun, shopping, go carts, sky coaster, drag cars (air powered 0-100mph in 2sec), and lots and lots of TITANS. Bring your old parts for sale if you want. This is going to be the meet among meets. If you have any questions just PM me.
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Make sure you take lots of pics for us on the "Best Coast"
Yep, lots of pics.. Transformer on CT has a sweet white Titan with a bed cover but has a baja style spare sticking out of it. If you see it get me some pics please.
One day left!!!!!!!!! 102 Confirmed trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!