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Full Version: Laurel, MS Trail Ride
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I just got my pics posted. My daughter took pics for me. Only a couple pics of us. I took the Jeep. Josh had his Frontier there, but he was at the front and we brought up the rear, so no pics of him. We will find some that the others took.

After a heavy rain on the way home, but not washed.
[Image: 2454006_71_full.jpg]
looks like fun, how is josh havent seen him on any of the sites?
He sleeps during the day and is at his friends until the wee hours of the morning. I guess he is looking for himself.
im here just not posting much!
Awesome pics! 185
Your pretty white jeep isn't
I only backed up from one mud hole. The last one that the dark blue Rubicon is sitting sideways in. I'm not into muddy water over the door sills.
Your jeep is for off-roading only right?
No. I drive it when the weather is right to go topless more than off road. I drive my Fronty every day to work.
Nice pics Dawg. I know some Titan guys that would like to see them. 164 165