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Full Version: Amsoil OTIV pre-order discounts!!!
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from CT:

WhiteNite Wrote:Ron has so generously donated to our meet he is also offering discounts for pre-orders to us. So give him a call, go to his website, or PM him theoilman2000 and get your pre-orders in. You can speak to him about discounts and you will also be avoiding the shipping fees too. So don't miss out on this!!!
What kinda discounts? TIme to change both rear diffs...... Mobile 1 75-140 is $17 a bottle!
sandi's truck takes 75-w90 in the rear diff...

i just bought all new fluids for my 30k maintenance this coming weekend, so this is about a week or so late for me...royal purple in the diffs and t-case, coolant drain/fill, tranny flush, oil change, tire rotation, serp belt, new air filters, krh2's diff breather mod...etc etc.

but thanks for the heads up!
Sorry it was just posted at CT
dont worry about it bro. i'm happy with the RP i bought. again, thanks for passing around the info for everyone to use!