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Full Version: Mississippi-Mud Get-together
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We met on the Natchez Trace Parkway, too k a few photos, ate hot dogs and chips, and rode North up the Trace to enjoy the beauty.

And thanks to all the vets!!!

[Image: 2454006_74_full.jpg]
[Image: 2454006_76_full.jpg]
[Image: 2454006_77_full.jpg]

The kids:
[Image: 2454006_81_full.jpg]
[Image: 2454006_82_full.jpg]
[Image: 2454006_82_full.jpg]
[Image: 2454006_84_full.jpg]

And. had to let the lizard go.
[Image: 2454006_86_full.jpg]

And, on my way home, my Jeep rolled over the 100,000 mile mark. The bigger tires actually slowed the odometer down.
[Image: 2454006_89_full.jpg]
Thanks for the pics. I love the first couple of pics with the trees changing colors!
Great pictures! 185
Did you do any fishing?
Sandiegan05fronty Wrote:Did you do any fishing?

Nah, went fishing Friday night. Between my wife and I, we caught 10 fillets, a few hush puppies, some slaw, fried dill pickles, and didn't have to clean anything but our faces. 165 165 165